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Cellcore Biosciences

Patient Direct Code: mUDCwgYW

Parasite cleanses, binders, drainage pathway support, liver detox, probiotics and more.


My favorite supplements and protocols are linked here.

Automatic savings applied.

Lumebox Redlight

40% Off (No code needed)

Great for skin, collagen production, anti-aging, tissue repair, wound healing, inflammation and pain, muscle recovery, mood and cognition.

Herbal Alchemy

My favorite skincare products and grass fed tallow.

No preservatives or synthetics. New customers save $10. Need a recommendation? Take my skincare quiz.


10% Off - Discount Code: JENNASCLEANLIVING

My favorites: portable sauna, water pitcher, and O3 ozone therapy

Beauty By Earth


My favorite self tanner.

Frownies Wrinkle Patches

$10 Off (No code needed)

Goodbye wrinkles! These pretty patches are a great alternative to Botox.

Purity Coffee

$20 Off Mold Free Coffee

My favorite coffee!! 3rd party tested for mold and mycotoxins.

Skout Organic Bars

20% Off (No code needed)

My kids favorite snacks. Our favorite flavors are raspberry, apple, blueberry, peanut butter & jelly, and cookie dough. The adult size peanut bars are also amazing!

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